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NFL Humor: Open Letter To Tim Tebow

2013/05/08 at 3:28 pm 3 comments

Dear Tim, What up, Mr. Tebow?  Had a bit of a rough week, huh?  Listen, I know you’re probably busy practicing footwork and mechanics and not-throwing interceptions and stuff, but I was hoping you could give me a minute of your time. I know that you’ve probably got people pulling your [...]

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New Orleans Saints Bounty Program Hit List Payouts

2012/03/09 at 8:41 am 0 comments

Author’s Note: The New Orleans Saints have been placed in a precarious state of affairs after the NFL discovered former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and its defensive players partook in paying each other in a bounty system to knock out players from the opposing offense.  I have been able to obtain the list of [...]

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