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Would Ravens Welcome Rolando McClain If He Comes Back From Retirement?

2013/05/16 at 11:30 am 2 comments

Linebacker Rolando McClain made the best decision of his life—retiring from the NFL. Why? Well, to get the circumstances in his life in order before being kicked out of the league. At the age of 23, McClain informed the reigning Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens Wednesday that he was retiring [...]

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2013 NFL Fantasy Football Rookie QB Rankings: Geno Smith Over E.J. Manuel?

2013/05/16 at 10:44 am 0 comments

With the 2013 NFL Draft in the books, here’s our 2013 NFL rookie fantasy football QB rankings. 1. Geno Smith, New York Jets Although the Jets didn’t surround him with new weapons, Geno Smith has the athleticism to be productive.  He topped 4,000 yards with in each of his past two seasons at West Virginia with [...]

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NFL Humor: Open Letter To Tim Tebow

2013/05/08 at 3:28 pm 3 comments

Dear Tim, What up, Mr. Tebow?  Had a bit of a rough week, huh?  Listen, I know you’re probably busy practicing footwork and mechanics and not-throwing interceptions and stuff, but I was hoping you could give me a minute of your time. I know that you’ve probably got people pulling your [...]

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New York Jets Get Fresh Start in 2013 NFL Draft

2013/05/06 at 10:00 am 1 comment

The New York Jets entered the 2013 NFL Draft needing to upgrade just about everything but the kitchen sink. By the end of Day Two, the Jets had picked up a ton of much-needed young talent and depth to the offensive line with the additions of OG Brian Winters in the [...]

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Tennessee Titans Give QB Jake Locker Tools For Success

2013/05/04 at 11:00 am 2 comments

The Tennessee Titans may not have blow us away during the 2013 NFL Draft, but they did a pretty rock-solid job addressing almost all of their needs and found good value throughout the three-day festivities. With this being a quarterback-driven league and arguably a make-or-break third year for Jake Locker, the Titans decided to [...]

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Photo Via St. Louis Rams Official Facebook Page

St. Louis Rams Made Out Like Bandits in 2013 NFL Draft

2013/05/02 at 6:37 pm 0 comments

The St. Louis Rams were hands down one of the biggest winners during the 2013 NFL Draft. Wide receiver was the most pressing need before Brandon Gibson took his talents to South Beach and Danny Amendola went to the Pats, so the Rams had to pick up a playmaker for Sam Bradford right away [...]

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Photo Via Buffalo Bills Official Facebook Page

E.J. Manuel Provides Bright Future For Buffalo Bills

2013/05/02 at 9:00 am 2 comments

The Buffalo Bills may have taken the 2013 NFL Draft by storm when they selected QB E.J. Manuel with the No. 16 overall pick, but the decision didn’t actually shock everyone. While Manuel may be a bit inconsistent and could use a little time to develop at the next level, he has all of the tools for [...]

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Detroit Lions Take Leaps of Faith in 2013 NFL Draft

2013/04/30 at 5:43 pm 0 comments

The Detroit Lions did a pretty solid job addressing the majority of their needs in the 2013 NFL Draft. While some suggest their first-round selection was a reach, the move was expected after the top three offensive tackles were snatched up by the Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles. It was [...]

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Jacksonville Jaguars Methodically Build For the Future in 2013 NFL Draft

2013/04/29 at 8:03 pm 1 comment

Are the Jacksonville Jaguars anywhere near becoming a playoff contender after the 2013 NFL Draft? Don’t hold your breath.  The team made a questionable decision with the No. 2 selection, passing on the likes of QB Geno Smith and DE Dion Jordan, who would have been a perfect fit in the Leo spot [...]

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San Francisco 49ers Strike Gold in 2013 NFL Draft

2013/04/28 at 5:50 pm 0 comments

The NFL Draft is a special, life-changing event where the draftees’ dreams come true, similar to other sports.  However, the stage for the NFL is more magnified because it’s the most popular sport across the land. The NFL Draft belongs to the new future stars of the league, and they [...]

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