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Where will RB Ray Graham go and can he make a big impact?

Diamond in the Rough: 5 Mid-Round RBs With Great Value

2013/02/09 at 10:12 am 0 comments

There are a small handful of gems with great value found in the middle rounds at multiple positions each April.  Here are five running backs who will likely fit the bill and get selected between the third and fifth round in the 2013 NFL Draft. Pittsburgh RB Ray Graham  Ray [...]

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Eagles Hiring Chip Kelly Comes With Risk

Eagles Hiring Chip Kelly Comes With Risk

2013/01/17 at 1:46 am 0 comments

The question is being asked and folks are giving their reactions on whether or not Chip Kelly can make the transition from college to the pros. So when he graduated from college on Wednesday afternoon surprisingly — whether he can depart from an airport in Eugene and arrive to Philly [...]

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Photo Via ThrowTheFlagBlog.com

Report: Chip Kelly Passes On NFL Again, Will Stay At Oregon

2013/01/06 at 11:01 pm 0 comments

Chip Kelly is reportedly staying at Oregon, according to multiple sources, including ESPN’s Adam Shefter.  This news comes just two days after Kelly was on the verge of becoming the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. It seemed Kelly was leaning towards the Philadelphia Eagles just yesterday after a nine-hour interview. [...]

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Photo Via BeyondTheBets.com

Top 2013 NFL Draft Prospects in Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

2013/01/03 at 8:47 pm 1 comment

Who are the top 2013 NFL Draft prospects to watch in the third 2013 BCS bowl game between the Oregon Ducks and Kansas State Wildcats in the 2013 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl? This marquee matchup should be one of the best games of the 2012-2013 bowl season.  Each of these teams present extremely potent [...]

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Bleacher Report

2013 BCS Bowls: Are They Great Matchups?

2012/12/03 at 3:02 am 3 comments

Everybody sure loves complaining around the Holidays and maybe that is because shopping for others is not that fun? I enjoy finding gifts for others and I think these five BCS bowls will end up as gifts regardless of their final scores. The experts have these five games all becoming [...]

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What We Learned From Latest BCS Standings

2012/11/19 at 2:12 am 0 comments

The BCS Standings have once again been released and there are just two more weeks left in the season for Kevin Garnett to shout out, “anything is possible!” How things can change on the drop of a hat, and all of a sudden all of those what if scenarios have [...]

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Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

College Football’s Week 13 Projected BCS Bowls

2012/11/18 at 3:49 am 16 comments

Follow @Dan Vasta and like Gridiron Grit on Facebook Rose Bowl (Jan. 1, 5 p.m. Eastern, ESPN) Stanford Cardinal (Projected 11-2, Pac-12 Champs) vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Projected 11-2, Big Ten Champs) This would be quite the matchup with Big Ten against Pac-12 ruling the day, but that is because the Cardinal are one of [...]

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Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

BCS Nightmare: What Happens If Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame All Lose?

2012/11/17 at 3:43 am 0 comments

Follow @Dan Vasta and like Gridiron Grit on Facebook Alright, folks this is where the dominoes could really start to fall. Plus, if you are in love with the BCS like yours truly then this is where it could simply get entertaining (though I think it makes it even better). Impossible most will [...]

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Photo: Stephen Dunn, Getty Images / SF

Who Loses First, If At All: Kansas State, Oregon or Notre Dame?

2012/11/15 at 2:00 am 1 comment

The BCS top three have remained flawless with just three weeks remaining and all of a sudden the SEC faithful is praying that somebody at the top falters. If not, we will witness a non-SEC BCS champion for the first time in six seasons. If there were one team to [...]

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College Football: Mid-November BCS Bowls Projections

2012/11/12 at 7:32 pm 0 comments

Rose Bowl (Jan. 1, 5 p.m. Eastern, ESPN) Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Projected 11-1, fill-in for Pac-12) vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Projected 11-2, Big Ten champions) The grand daddy of them all is based off who is ranked number one when the season comes to an end. Remember whoever finishes as the [...]

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