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Orange Bowl Rep Tells Northern Illinois “You Don’t Deserve To Be Here”

2013/01/01 at 6:41 pm 0 comments

The Florida State Seminoles enter the 2013 Discover Orange Bowl as a 14-point favorite over the Northern Illinois Huskies. From the moment that this matchup was announced early last month, it’s been a rather sore subject.  The Huskies, who finished the season 12-1, recently received some added motivation. An exchange [...]

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Bleacher Report

2013 BCS Bowls: Are They Great Matchups?

2012/12/03 at 3:02 am 3 comments

Everybody sure loves complaining around the Holidays and maybe that is because shopping for others is not that fun? I enjoy finding gifts for others and I think these five BCS bowls will end up as gifts regardless of their final scores. The experts have these five games all becoming [...]

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US Presswire

2013 Orange Bowl: Was Northern Illinois BCS Worthy?

2012/12/03 at 2:25 am 0 comments

The Huskies of Northern Illinois capped off their regular season with a dramatic double overtime victory over Kent State in the MAC title, 44-37. Instead of everybody congratulating the Huskies or talking about how they put together their best season in program history at 12-1, everybody is inappropriately bashing them. [...]

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Florida Gators at Florida State Seminoles Preview: Are Gators One Upset Away From BCS Title?

2012/11/23 at 12:39 am 2 comments

Follow @Dan Vasta and like Gridiron Grit on Facebook The annual battle between the Gators and Noles is always entertaining regardless of the record, but both of these 10-1 squads bring a ton of talent to the table. The Gators are indeed just one Golden Domer upset away from appearing in the BCS [...]

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What We Learned From Latest BCS Standings

2012/11/19 at 2:12 am 0 comments

The BCS Standings have once again been released and there are just two more weeks left in the season for Kevin Garnett to shout out, “anything is possible!” How things can change on the drop of a hat, and all of a sudden all of those what if scenarios have [...]

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Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

College Football’s Week 13 Projected BCS Bowls

2012/11/18 at 3:49 am 16 comments

Follow @Dan Vasta and like Gridiron Grit on Facebook Rose Bowl (Jan. 1, 5 p.m. Eastern, ESPN) Stanford Cardinal (Projected 11-2, Pac-12 Champs) vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Projected 11-2, Big Ten Champs) This would be quite the matchup with Big Ten against Pac-12 ruling the day, but that is because the Cardinal are one of [...]

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Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

BCS Nightmare: What Happens If Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame All Lose?

2012/11/17 at 3:43 am 0 comments

Follow @Dan Vasta and like Gridiron Grit on Facebook Alright, folks this is where the dominoes could really start to fall. Plus, if you are in love with the BCS like yours truly then this is where it could simply get entertaining (though I think it makes it even better). Impossible most will [...]

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By Melina Vastola, US Presswire

Is Jimbo Fisher Right To Bash The BCS Computers?

2012/11/13 at 2:56 pm 0 comments

Follow @Dan Vasta and like Gridiron Grit on Facebook Jimbo Fisher absolutely destroyed the computer rankings this past weekend stating, “how retarded is it” when being asked on how he feels being ranked behind three two-loss SEC squads. Jimbo later apologized for using such childish words, but it just goes to show how [...]

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Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

SEC Football: Path For Alabama, Georgia To Potential BCS Title

2012/11/12 at 6:12 pm 0 comments

Will the SEC get another team in the BCS title for the seventh straight season?  Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame have ran the table thus far, but they may not all end the year undefeated. There were very minimal changes in Michael Gartman’s updated SEC Football Power Rankings after Week 11′s [...]

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Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Florida State Seminoles at Virginia Tech Hokies Thursday Night Football

2012/11/08 at 12:10 am 0 comments

Just to think the Seminoles were ranked sixth in the preseason polls and were picked by many to play in and ultimately win the BCS National Championship. They blew their legit chances after leading NC State 16-0 at halftime, losing 17-16 has essentially put their title dreams on hold although [...]

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