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Site Demographics and Advertiser Benefits

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Most of our traffic (86.8 percent) comes from the United States, where we’re ranked 113,771 as of June 21, 2014, according to (see screenshot below).

















Gridiron Grit has seen unbelievable growth over the past year in a half. In February 2013, we totaled under 13,000 pageviews. We doubled that traffic in March before soaring to over 100,000 hits in April 2013.

Traffic took an inevitable decline in the ensuing summer months (this is a football site after all), but we were able to maintain a steady stream of traffic in May, June, July and August before things took off in the fall.

After accumulating over 1.4 million hits combined during football season (Sept ’13 to Jan ’14), we hauled in 225,000 pageviews in February before blowing up with over 825,000 hits in March 2014.

You can see the full traffic chart from February 2013 to mid-February 2014 here.

So what’s the most traffic we’ve ever received in a single day?

On October 16, 2013, we racked up over 22,000 unique visitors and over 44,000 hits. Two days later, we shattered both records with over 55k unique visitors and 118,000 pageviews, according to Sitemeter.

We broke both records again on March 17, 2014, surpassing 55,000 unique visitors for the second time with over a whopping 152,000 hits en route to our best week ever (see below).

Gridiron Grit Traffic Sitemeter Stats - Best Week (March 17-24)

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