Report: Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops ‘Open’ To Making NFL Leap

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops has been one of the most successful coaches in college football since the turn of the century.  In 15 seasons (1999-2013) with the Sooners, Stoops has complied a record of 159-39 and made a name for himself as “Mr. BCS” with more appearances in BCS bowl games (nine) and more conference titles than any other coach.

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma Sooners

Stoops has resisted countless opportunities to bolt from Norman, but could be emboldened to follow in the footsteps of former college coaches like Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll and may finally be ready to make the jump to the next level, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

That’s not to say that Stoops is necessarily making the leap—but he’s reportedly open to the idea in the midst of so many coaching changes around the NFL and college football.

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  • rcsodak

    Slow headline day, eh?

  • Cody Cobb

    He just built a 14,000sq ft. Home in Norman. He makes about 5million a year, kids in norman schools, & Job Security. Hes not leaving OU, he’s KING in the Sooner State. Boomer Sooner!

    • DelReyOkie

      Cody, you’ve got it wrong. There’s only one “King” in the Sooner Nation and it’s Barry Switzer. King Barry has multiple national championships to Stoops’ one national title.

  • Ammy Jackson


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  • dontcare4uatall

    ………………………And Bob just introduced OU’s new Coach.

  • A bigger fan than you

    Stoops house is on the market for 2.1 million. By the way, it’s 6300 sqft, not 14000. Try to keep up.

    • Not even an OU fan

      That would be his old house slick. Try to keep up.

    • Cody Cobb

      Bigger Fan than You

  • Brian Soda Man

    Bob should reunite with AD in MInnesota

  • UTKillzDreamz

    Yes, just when Mack Brown is available…..the magic bullet is real

    • Cody Cobb

      Umm u guys lost your bowl game.. Good job making the Big 12 look bad.. go back to a Texas Page and complain there.