Redesigned Logos For All 32 NFL Teams

Are you dissatisfied with the logo of your favorite NFL team?  Well we’ve got good news for you.  Designer Max O’Brien decided to flex his creative muscle over the offseason by redesigning all 32 NFL logos and the results are pretty awesome.

NFL Logos Redesigned by Redditor

Let’s take a better look at each team’s redesigned logo, division-by-division in the following eight slides.

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  • Oz

    The Seahawks logo looks more like a pheasant. Just too feminine for a football logo.

  • Michael Cunningham

    these look awful!

  • Joe

    Some of them look exactly the same, and some of em just look like shit! Maybe a few pretty cool ones in there (I like the redskins one) but overall they’re pretty lame. Plus, the GB packers one isn’t new and it sucks.

  • Brandon Smith

    these look like a bunch of teenage girls made these logos so ugly for a mans game.

  • Steve

    Dallas cowboys looks like John Voight from the movie ‘The Midnight Cowboy’ LMAO!!!

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  • Chris

    Everyone hates anything different. Stop complaining, these actually look cool and it would be a nice change.

  • Rick

    The Steelers one is garbage. What the heck is that even supposed to be?

  • Chris

    Most of them are horrible, some look exactly the same…but I DO like the 49ers one.

  • Shawn

    Most of these are pretty cool except for the steelers and chargers

  • Rob

    Mostly awful. NY Giants logo is stolen from NY Yankees. No logo that’s meant to be a first letter looks like the letter. NY ets? Atlanta alcons? Miami olphins? Raiders and Bucs appropriate for 2 dead teams apparently killed by their own swords. Cardinal and Seahawk both gained weight in the offseason. Why is the Bill stiff-arming the Buffalo? Or is the Buffalo trying to tackle the Bill? And what’s that thing growing out of the nose of the Texans’ steer. Patriots and KC are good. Everything else just a rehash of current logos.

    • Casper87

      Wow! not much nice to say eh? Why say anything at all?
      It’s people like you so negative that brings those around you down. Sure would hate to be your family!!!!
      Get a life and cheer up. You remind me of a guy I know that’s recovering from alcohol abuse.
      Simply nothing good to say.
      Go drink a beer loser, then comment.

  • JimNauseam

    I like the Raiders and Browns redesign, otherwise ehh. The Seahawks already have a far better logo than this one.

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  • Cryptoman

    Actually, i like most of them, but I hate the Steeler logo. What is it supposed to be? That is clearly one he couldn’t think of how to improve it, so he did something stupid to meet his deadline. Otherwise, some pretty good ones. I really like the Cowboys.

    Bengals and Chargers are trying too hard to morph the logo into the letter “C”.

    Titans is much better than what they have, and so is the Ravens. Both could use a change of their helmet logos. I also liked the Patriots and Redskins, and thought the Bills was unusual in a good way.

  • Zack

    Can’t go w/ the Steelers as they have an All-Time Classic ( & I grew up hating them as an Oilers fan!) Redskins, Pats, Jets, Bengals, Texans, Bears Lions, Bills, Ravens, Titans ( hate to admit the carpetbaggers logo looks good) all are nice updates! Giants/Packers are too busy Chargers have a horse in original logo, which has a classy coat of arms look to it, leave it be. Browns incorporation of the Dawg Pound is clever. 49’s & Cowboys are nice, but ownership wouldn’t change if you paid them. Colts?? Like how they used a version of the old AAFC logo(even though this team has no connection as original folded & this franchise moved from little d in 50s) on their sideline apparel this year.

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  • Perry Merriel

    LOATHE THE “NEW” logo for the Seahawks…lets just stick with what we got. mmmmkay.

  • Kennedy Kaquatosh

    Steelers,Chargers,Packers,49ers,Seahawks logos look stupid . Props on the Redskins logo I’am Native American And Proud !

  • TBone

    I don’t about the others, but the Rams logo is just a stylized version of their logo from the 60s.

  • dan

    these are some amazing logos! definitely something to bring to the attention of the NFL!!!!

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