Aaron Curry Admits Money Changed Him

Remember when everyone was gushing over Aaron Curry as a future NFL star and arguably the top defensive player and safest pick heading into the 2009 NFL Draft?  Whatever happened to him and how did all of the “experts” get it so wrong?

Like Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, it turns out the former 2009 first round pick (No. 4 overall) out of Wake Forest let things go to his head, admitting that the money changed him and caused him to lose his motivation.

“Early in my career, I was just selfish and self-centered,” Curry said via the Newark Star-Ledger. “I was more about me than I was the Seahawks at the time. I was more focused on my own desires versus the franchise and the team. It was immaturity, and I’m glad I got past that stage.”

Photo Credit: Giants.com

Photo Credit: Giants.com

Curry signed a six-year, $60 million deal with $34 million guaranteed in 2009.  He appeared in 35 contests (30 starts) and registered a total of 156 tackles with just 5.5 sacks and four forced fumbles in almost two and a half seasons with the Seattle Seahawks before being traded to the Oakland Raiders for a seventh-round pick.

The 27-year-old was released by the Raiders last November after totaling just 47 tackles with no sacks in 13 games (nine starts).  His knee issues also called into question whether Curry would have any sort of future in the NFL.

But the former draft bust of the Seahawks surely isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last rookie to feel invincible after a fat paycheck.  But fortunately for teams around the league, the new rookie wage scale makes it easier to compete and get rid of a first-round bust.

And fortunately for Curry, he still has a chance to prove himself and find some success in the NFL.  The well-chiseled 6-2, 265 pound-pound linebacker lined up on the strong-side with the New York Giants’ second unit on Tuesday after sparking interest from “double-digit” teams and signing a one-year deal with the club for the veteran’s minimum a couple of weeks ago.

He credits Seahawks LB coach Ken Norton Jr. and a return to health for helping him refocus his career and chose the Giants because of the team’s “professionalism.”

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  • Godwinslaw

    Money down the drain. You don’t wake up and change from being a leech overnight. Hope I’m wrong.

  • Wyldon

    “Money” corrupted him? Take responsibility for your own underlying character, or lack thereof, Curry. It’s like blaming a gun for killing someone when it was the *sshole who pointed it and pulled the trigger. Good grief.

    • Nashville

      Ummm…there are a few recognized truisms (the holy scriptures and others sacred texts) that follow the premise that “money is the root of all evil”. Curry is owning up to his character issues, he is just stating that money was a catalyst for character issues to come to the surface (sort of the way that people say alcohol turned them into a wretch, alcohol is not evil, but that person intoxicated by alcohol certainly will find it a catalyst for evil).

      I really don’t know why you used a gun analogy (no one is saying guns are the root of evil…though evil really seems to like guns a whole lot) and tried to turn this into a gun rights issue. It seems like another guy bring a gun to the fist fight. May the peace of Christ and Yahweh be with you.

    • proxy settings

      the man owned up and admitted his fault. shut the hell up

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  • dud

    it is easy to be a slacker when someone just gives you 65 million based on potential alone…it is something you can milk…until they get tired of you and then some other dumb team will pay you more hoping it was just bad coaching on the previous team’s part..
    so you ride the gravy train and hope it doesn’t stop

  • dud

    how can you call this guy a flop…some idiot team paid him 65 million dollars