Dallas Cowboys’ 2013 Draft Futility Continues On Second Day

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones continues to cripple his franchise with poor drafts

The Dallas Cowboys’ ineptitude at running a draft was again on full display during the second day of the 2013 NFL Draft. The Cowboys second and third round selections show that there is no clear strategy or plan in place for the franchise to advance out of its current state of mediocrity.

In the first round of the draft on Thursday, the Cowboys chose to draft for need over the typical strategy of taking the best player available. The Cowboys traded down to the 31st spot in the first round, then selected Wisconsin center Travis Fredrick in the first round.

Instead of taking Sharrif Floyd who had fallen into their lap, the Cowboys reached for Frederick who would have likely been available when they made their picks in the second or third round. Jerry Jones wanted an interior offensive lineman to protect quarterback Tony Romo.

When the top interior linemen in the draft like Chance Warmack, Jonathan Cooper and Justin Pugh were selected, Jones panicked and reached for Frederick. The Cowboys diverged from this drafting for need strategy on the second day of the draft.

With their second round selection, they drafted tight end Gavin Escobar out of San Diego State. After the pick, Cowboys head coach stated in a radio interview on 1310 The Ticket that the Cowboys picked Escobar because he was the highest rated player currently on the Cowboys draft board.

So in the first round the Cowboys reached for a need, and in the second they drafted a player that is not at a position of need because he was “the best player available.”In Escobar the Cowboys have a slower version of tight end James Hannah who is already on the team’s roster.

How many tight ends who cannot block does one team need? You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time. The Cowboys’ fans are sick of Jones’ poor drafts, and are disapproving of his second round selection by a ratio of two to one.

It is just another example of the drafting futility that has pervaded Valley Ranch since Jerry Jones took over as general manager. Jones’ 2009 draft class was so outstanding that none of the members of it remain on the Cowboys roster.

The Cowboys selected Baylor receiver Terrance Williams and Georgia Southern safety J.J. Wilcox. Wilcox was the first logical selection of the draft. Dallas had a need at safety, and Wilcox should be able to step in and help in the secondary and on special teams.

In the coming days, Jerry Jones will try to sell this group by convincing everyone that Dallas had these four players rated above the players that other teams selected ahead of them in the draft. Cowboy fans are left to wonder why they should trust the rankings of a general manager and scouting department that has produced one playoff win in the past 16 seasons.

Jones and the Cowboys continually demonstrate that they have no consistent plan or strategy of how to approach the draft. They had poor drafts and then compound that futility by overpaying mediocre free-agents which leads to salary cap issues.

The Cowboys entered the draft needing major help on the offensive line, defensive line and at running back. Through the first two days of the draft they have not adequately addressed any of those needs.

You build a championship franchise through the draft. For Cowboy fans, it appears that the long wait for a consistent winner in Dallas will continue as their ‘Boys bumble through yet another draft.

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