Houston Texans at New York Jets NFL Week 5 Preview


By Frank Victores, US Presswire

By Frank Victores, US Presswire

If the playoffs started today (which we know is still 91 days away!), the New York Jets of all teams at would be (scratch head) playing on Wild Card weekend!

What in the blue hell is going on right now?

Yes, they are just 2-2 but they miraculously hold a million tiebreakers over seemingly every team in the AFC.

That is the only good news I can share with you since there essentially is only bad news to share right now. Those darn Jets are stealing the spotlight once again and just get accustomed to it for as so long as Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are on the same team.

Just whatever you do not ask Liam Neeson about the Tebow-Sanchez quarterback situation since even my pet frog knows more about the game of football than the leading actor of Taken 2.

Tebow will get his chances very soon if Sanchez puts another laugher in front of the millions that will be watching against arguably the best team in all of football.

There truly is not a worse case scenario that could be drawn up for these Jets at the moment. Brooks Reed, Brian Cushing and J.J. Watt may decapitate Sanchez in the pocket if he does not have his head on a swivel.

Matt Schaub and Arian Foster could become the frontrunners for the MVP if they both go bonkers on Monday Night Football and although that cannot realistically happen (in terms of them being 1-2 for MVP, well not past October), a 5-0 start would not be too shabby.

Andre Johnson is having a sensational season in a year where many were questioning his body and where it was heading into the 2012 campaign. Ben Tate of all people is dinged up and head coach Gary Kubiak didn’t hide when he was asked about Foster receiving over 400 carries (which he is on pace for).

Certainly the best overall downhill, slashing runner in the game would likely miss a Week 17 contest if the Texans have the top overall seed locked (survey says they will). Plus, keeping your elite players healthy for January is vital nowadays.

This could should be a disaster for the Jets, but many will point to how this could be the season game-changing moment that New York needs. An upset victory at home over the top team in the game would not only transcend them into playoff threats (Wild Card only), but it would spice up (hopefully shut everybody up) the Tebow-Sanchez controversy depending on how everything shakes up.

I honestly cannot believe I just stated that the Texans have a chance of losing this game (and I really don’t), but there is a decent shot the Jets can at least keep it respectable.

That in itself was not something they were able to do against the Niners last weekend.

Network: ESPN

Time: 8:40 p.m. Eastern

Experts Pick: Texans by 8

Danny V’s Pick: Texans 27, Jets 22

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